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Blonde Ambition

The Chloe Sullivan Community

Blonde Ambition: The Chloe Sullivan Community
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Blonde Ambition

Welcome to the Chloe Sullivan community, dedicated to the spunky, blonde reporter from Smallville.

This is a place where fans of the character can gather to discuss her and her storylines on the show, plus post their art, LJ icons, and fanfiction dedicated to her or the pairing of Chloe/Clark.


I want this to be a fun, interesting community, so there won't be many hard rules. All I ask is that everyone is polite and respectful to one another and their opinions.

Art and more than four icons at a time should be placed behind an LJ cut, and all but the headers of fiction (title, author, etc.) should be placed behind a cut as well.

Since we have members from outside the US, please be considerate and place all major spoilers and discussion of the latest "Smallville" episodes behind an LJ cut. That way every member can decide whether or not they want to be spoiled, and we don't ruin anything for anyone.

This is a Lois/Lana free zone. Most of our members don't appreciate Lana, Lois, Clana or Clois, so let's keep this community free of that. Stories that are Chloe-centric, but contain an appearance by Lana are fine. Icons featuring Lana and/or Clark/Lana, etc. are not. Feel free to include all Chloe-centric 'ships in icon posts, and Clark is also allowed in icon batches (mostly because that's a rule I would violate, so everyone else is free to go Clark crazy) because he is Chloe's best friend and often has something to do with her.

Join, have fun, and let's give the hardest working investigator in Smallville a little love. :)


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I had no place to go but up, up, and away..."

-- Chloe Sullivan

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